A surface level of understanding is fine and has its place. But sometimes helping people in a meaningful way requires changing the game. Sometimes we need to go deeper. Sometimes we need to get disruptive. The stuff that really matters is waiting.

Are you ready?

What exactly is Disruptive

So glad you asked! Disruptive Discovery is a facilitation model for uncovering the stuff that really matters. If “stuff” isn’t a sophisticated enough term for you, that’s a fair point. Let’s go with “game changer”. Too vague? Gotcha. How about this for a more detailed explanation:

The process of gaining a deeper level of understanding with the intention of uncovering compelling learnings that motivate positive change.

This experience-based method utilizes difference-making concepts, including “The 10 Questions That Matter”. The process allows Facilitators of Betterment to achieve such understandings so that they can support people in identifying those things that are impactful. The mission is to create a community of disruptors energized to be difference-makers in the lives of others by focusing on what really matters and not wasting time on the stuff that, you know, doesn’t.

A Facilitator of Betterment?

Yeah, that’s right. Facilitator of Betterment. These are special individuals who are in a position to help others get to a better place and possess a desire to do just that. These could be business leaders, sales professionals, consultants, coaches, or anyone who advises others about life or work. If you fit this description and are ready to accept the challenge of making a meaningful impact in your future interactions, join this community and get disruptive!

Complete the Disruptive Challenge

Read the book, answer a few questions, and get FREE downloads of:

+ Disruptive Discovery Model – A visual summary of this facilitation method. Everything covered in the book on one page. That’s an exaggeration…not EVERYTHING. You still need to read the whole thing. No cheating!
+ The 10 Questions That Matter – A snapshot of all QTM covered in the book and how they can make a meaningful impact for participants in the Disruptive Discovery process.