A few things you might want to know about Geoff Snavely

He is a well-intentioned contrarian who passionately embraces his WHY of being a positive difference-maker in the lives of people so that they feel motivated to become the best possible versions of themselves.  A proven business leader, property investor, and part-owner of a commercial floor and textile care company.  Snavely goes beyond writing about Disruptive Discovery by constantly practicing his own method.

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And perhaps more than you want to know about Geoff Snavely

For many authors, writing a book represents the culmination of their experiences.  For Geoff Snavely, the journey has been a long and winding road – and it’s just getting started.  You see, he lives and breathes Disruptive Discovery every day and doesn’t plan on stopping.  In fact, he is in the middle of an epic road trip and this book represents his way of picking up as many hitchhikers as possible to come along for the ride.  The irony, as he likes to quickly remind people, is that…well…he isn’t a writer.  At least, not in the traditional sense.

Geoff has carved out a career as a business professional, first and foremost.  A proven leader in various roles, an entrepreneur, and part-owner of EBC Carpet Services, a commercial floor and textile care company.  The first dozen or so years after college were spent working for large companies in Corporate America.  After building a strong foundation through those occupational experiences, completing copious training programs, and also earning a Master of Arts in Organization Development, he fulfilled a dream of becoming a small business owner by partnering with one of his closest friends.  The path so far has been filled with rewarding adventures, and the fire is raging to create even better such happenings.  This aspiring thinker is impassioned with the idea of doing his part to leave the world a better place than he found it.  That means waking up every day trying to make a positive difference in the lives of people so they feel motivated to become the best possible versions of themselves.  This is done through achieving a deep understanding of situations and then helping others solve their unique problems or support their specific needs.  With that in mind, he strives to only focus on those things that are meaningful and impactful.

For as long as he can remember, Geoff has enjoyed asking questions.  No, that’s a tremendous understatement.  He is fanatical about asking questions.  If you call him an avid-asker or some other name, he would exclaim “Abso-freaking-lutely!”.  Some would say this is a big part of his identity and others might go a step further by declaring him an annoying question guy.  Many years ago, he gained some self-awareness.  An epiphany occurred around his affinity for asking questions and embracing the power of discovery.  More specifically, he came to a compelling realization:

Understanding why people do what they do = Good to know.

People understanding themselves and why they do what they do = Welcome to the new world.

Decades of observation, listening to problems, making lots of his own mistakes, learning from them, and benefiting from nuggets gleaned from several incredible mentors have put him in a position to pass along insights that can possibly do some good for individuals and groups in their different circles – professional, personal, or both.  Snavely sincerely believes that if someone has something compelling to say, something that could make an impact, they should say it…so he did. Now, “newbie author” can be checked off the list.

Working life takes up a big chunk of his heart but most of it has already been captured.  Geoff lives in Annapolis, MD with his Wife (Katharene) and two Daughters (Ella and Alex).  They are the three true loves of his life. In addition to his company, he is also a property investor with houses in Lewes, DE and the Deep Creek Lake area in Western MD.  He bleeds Midnight Green during football season pulling for his beloved Philadelphia Eagles, spends way too much time binge-watching TV, and is often accused of having really bad taste in music.

Disruptive Discovery is a vehicle to share what’s on his mind in an attempt to help people help other people.  Will it work?  Will it be a difference-maker?  He hopes so and is issuing a challenge to find out.  Better yet, to get disruptive.

Are you ready to join him?