We need to bring different voices to the table and leverage divergent thinking to truly explore various perspectives and generate many possibilities. Convergent thinking isn’t going to get us there because it’s linear and going through a list of steps to get to a single answer rarely leads to innovation. Disruptive Discovery can be a catalyst to get everyone involved on the divergent thinking path."

Disruptive Discovery

Uncovering the Stuff That Really Matters

Disruptive Discovery

We need to bring different voices to the table and leverage divergent thinking to truly explore various perspectives and generate many possibilities. Convergent thinking isn’t going to get us there because it’s linear and going through a list of steps to get to a single answer rarely leads to innovation. Disruptive Discovery can be a catalyst to get everyone involved on the divergent thinking path."

Finally! Someone has taken the abused term “discovery”—used so often in the wrong way by salespeople—and given it the attention—and sorting—that it so desperately needed. In Disruptive Discovery, Geoff Snavely not only clearly and concisely captures every important point on the subject but gives readers the tactical steps that it takes to become an expert at this important sales skill. A must-read for every sales professional."

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"If you’re thinking Disruptive Discovery is a bad thing, think again and start reading immediately. Geoff breaks these words down in a conversational flow that demonstrates the power of emotional connections with the people that we support. You might be a new manager, a team leader, or a high-level executive. Perhaps you are in the business of helping customers, as either a sales professional in training or a seasoned veteran. Or maybe you are a valued adviser for family and friends in everyday life. This book is a great resource in all of these areas and will enable you to make an impact."
Steve Willis, President, AdvantaClean
"This book challenges the foundation of how we approach helping people achieve their personal and professional development. But Geoff Snavely pulls it off through a funny, easily readable, and compelling experience. Disruptive Discovery is an invitation to growth that so many people need."
Michael Peluso, CEO True Living, Entrepreneur, Coach, and Speaker

About the Book

What happened in 1621 when a Pilgrim came up with the seemingly ridiculous idea that a crazy-looking, orange fruit that he (or she) found in a field would somehow make for a delicious after-dinner treat?  This innovative cook hollowed it out, added milk, honey, and spices and then baked a unique concoction – unfortunately, without a crust – over hot ashes, thereby inventing one of the most heavenly creations in the history of desserts…pumpkin pie!

Why did this Pilgrim cook even think of such a thing?

In his thought-provoking, revelatory work Disruptive Discovery, entrepreneur and self-indoctrinated rookie philosopher Geoff Snavely distinguishes the nice to know from the we can do something with that.  He has developed a compelling model that can get people to a better place by helping them focus on what really matters.

Whether you’re a business leader, sales professional, consultant, coach, or anyone who advises others about life or work, Snavely invites you to join this community of disruptors – he refers to them as Facilitators of Betterment – motivated to make a meaningful impact.  By exploring his experience-based 10 Questions That Matter and other concepts, he provides you with the tools needed for digging deeper, below Surface Discovery and into the process of Disruptive Discovery.  Are you ready for some disruption?  If so, maybe you can invent your own version of pumpkin pie and serve it up for the world to enjoy.

Why do I need this book?

Another great question.  You have lots of them!  If the author of Disruptive Discovery were here, he would profess a loathing of “elevator pitches” due to their scripted and inauthentic nature.  But he’s not here right now so we can sneak one in for you.  Just don’t tell anyone.  OK?  Here goes…

We are all guilty of focusing in the wrong areas or wasting time on things that ultimately prove to be insignificant, maybe even distractions.  Disruptive Discovery is all about trying to avoid those mistakes and uncovering the stuff that really matters. 

Look, incremental improvements have value.  And playing on a surface level is an important part of the process.  But to make a meaningful impact, we must achieve a deeper level of understanding.  We must get disruptive.  This book, Disruptive Discovery, was written as an eye-opening introduction and overview of a model meant for Facilitators of Betterment to help people get where they are trying to go…a better place.  After finishing the book, readers will be able to apply new skills learned, making them more effective resources in the areas of problem-solving or improving in development areas.  Anyone interested in making a positive difference in the lives of other people should grab a copy and let’s do this thing!

Check out a few Excerpts

No, trust isn’t a hard-and-fast judgment that can be made. And, believe it or not, trust isn’t an emotion. It’s a decision we make from situation to situation and in different domains. That deserves redundantly repeating again one more time: Trust is a decision.

I appreciate this proposition is an acute departure from a tightly held belief. It’s suggesting a realignment of what so many of us thought we knew about trust, and I can’t expect everyone to agree without further thawing of the idea. If you’re in the nonagreers camp, can I take a shot at swaying your thinking?

Surface Discovery starts with asking the right questions. As a Facilitator of this process, the responsibility for identifying questions meeting that criteria and asking them in the proper manner is all yours. And that’s no simple task. Achieving success in this exercise takes practice. It involves trial and error resulting in successes and also some bloody noses (figuratively speaking, not literally). Dedication and hard work will be required. But isn’t that true with anything that matters?

There are voices in your head. I can hear them. And they’re getting agitated with me. They’re mumbling something along the lines of, “Thus far, you professed your love of questions, told us what not to do, and made things I thought were easy until a few minutes ago sound like an undertaking requiring a PhD. So, Dr. Annoying Question Guy, can you please give me a clue about how to know which questions are the ‘right’ ones?” Even if you weren’t thinking that exact question, it’s warranted and deserving of a response. So, I’ll answer it.

Of all the Questions That Matter, this one is by far the most self-evident. There are other phrasings that can be used—more on that later—but its lifeblood is sustained by seizing momentum and leveraging the dialogue already in motion. This is an unflashy but extraordinarily potent mode for keeping exchanges moving in the right direction and maintaining a steady flow of information to fill the knowledge funnel we can use for helping people as they work to solve their problems or make desired improvements.

I’m guilty of many foibles. Overcomplicating pretty much everything is high on that list. But out of respect for this wonderfully uncomplicated question, I’ll do my best to avoid my all-too-familiar blunder. If I stray or deviate from this commitment to keep it simple, you can smack me in the back of my head. I see how that might be logistically challenging, so maybe just send some mean thoughts my way or write a nastygram. You know what I’m saying.

The Questions That Matter aren’t meant to serve as tactics or tricks—not at all. As mentioned earlier, authenticity is preeminent and not going anywhere. Remaining authentic throughout Disruptive Discovery will be an ever-present theme as we go forward together.


“Geoff is not only an innovator, but a leader who wants to take you on a journey past the status quo to find your best self. Always curious and ready to challenge those he works with, he will force you to re-examine your intentions and find your greater purpose. As iron sharpens iron, sign me up for the friction and the results that follow!”
Mike Petrusky
Mike Petrusky
Host of the Workplace Innovator Podcast
"If we are doubly fortunate in life, we get to not only meet truly gifted people but also have the awareness and wherewithal to recognize the Giver in addition to receiving the Gift. Geoff has been that person for me. I have directly observed him perform as a leader, facilitator, and team member over many years. To put it simply…he’s a difference-making machine. His insight, empathy, and results-focused approach are the keys to his success."
Case Runolfson, CFM
Senior Facilities Management Executive
"I have been very fortunate to know and to work with Geoff for many years. He is not only a great leader in our industry, but a great coach, contributor, and friend. He is always ready to jump in to help analyze and facilitate thought provoking conversations. When he announced he had written a book, I knew right away I was going to read it! This is what he’s great at…making you look at things from different perspectives to generate creative ideas and solutions."
Kim Dize
Kim Dize
Managing Director, Dize Group
"Geoff is a button pusher. A well-intentioned button pusher, but a button pusher nonetheless. It is impossible to get comfortable in his orbit. Regardless of topic, there is this relentless curiosity, this unquenchable thirst for understanding, for meaning, for purpose. At first, my reflex was to dismiss it, but at some point, I noticed that train of thought was like a worm in my brain – “And then what? Tell me more? Why did it matter? What will you do with it?” When I embraced it, it made me better. It always makes me better. Maybe not comfortable. But better."
kelly johnson
Kelly Johnson, CFM
Director of Facility Services